Review of “The NearWheeler” from the Carriage Journal – October 2018

The NearWheeler: A Killer Carriage Collection by Nancy Lindley-Gauthier, Independently Published, 2018. (268 pages.)

Nancy Lindley-Gauthier combines her New England and equestrian backgrounds to create this carriage-based ‘tea cozy’ of a murder mystery.

The appearance of a pair of horses in your barn with bits of harness hanging off them is never a good sign but Alicia Goodwin, the primary character, was unprepared for what she saw when she finally found the driver. Was it a tragic accident or something more?

Ms. Lindley-Gauthier does an admirable job of gluing the pieces of the mystery together while criss-crossing time and driving genres. From coaching to the cones course of a CDE, carriages and carriage driving make a continual appearance. If only the killer would be so considerate as to not stash a body in a calache. ~ JKH

The Near Wheeler: A Killer Carriage Collection – Available Now!


Take up the reins to a mystery that will have you lengthening across to disaster and spinning your wheels through a revealing cones course.

Horse and Carriage driving enthusiasts will enjoy an assortment of mysteries wrapped within a mystery. It’s not all about the contemporary competitive carriage driving scene; there is also the odd historic coaching adventure or half-pass into the whimsical.

Alicia Goodwin, heiress to an aptitude for sleuthing, is on hand for the first ‘accident’ which leads her into an actual murder investigation. Various crimes trot her about the northeast, from pillar to post-time. Surreys and phaetons, road carts, one gleaming antique caleche as well as a truly glamorous Swan-body sleigh all have a role here.

Remember; courage in the hazards and a clue about proper appointments are always advantageous!

The Near Wheeler: A Killer Carriage Collection is available now as an ebook, and coming soon in paperback from these online retailers:       Barnes&       Kobo

“Trouble Cove” is available now from The Wild Rose Press!

Trouble Cove from Nancy 3-9-2017

Far from all the action of World War I, in a charming tourist’s spot on Cape Breton Island, Elizabeth Eames has stumbled into the most wonderful man in the world. She’s landed herself in a world where wealth reigns supreme; where any eligible bachelor would meet even her mother’s highest aspirations. Of course, she’s dead set on the one she’s certain should not be mentioned in her letters home.

Actually, there’s a lot she’s not mentioning. Something is not-quite-right at the grand resort Oceanside, but Elizabeth isn’t giving up her job on the basis of a few little suspicions. How likely is it that some monstrous crime could be happening right under her nose, anyway?

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