My books

PatriotA World War II ‘Homefront’ Adventure

Patriot: At Any Cost

Lillian wants nothing more than to join the war effort, especially since her childhood sweetheart is headed to war – and promising to write – to her gorgeous adversary, Celia.

Her accidental introduction to injured pilot Callahan sets her on an unexpected path. She joins the Civil Patrol, but suspects the war will hardly be coming to Maine’s quiet shores.

Or, will it?


By StarlightBy Starlight

The night my best friend Gracie disappeared, I had a nightmare. A monster loomed from the shadows around the campfire. I ran. The thing stretched after me…

I woke up gasping, afraid it might somehow be true. Gracie could always make me feel better – but she didn’t respond to my email. Not that night; not ever.

That’s what lead to my summer camp counselor job here near Gracie’s home. Hiking and canoeing fill every moment but I don’t forget why I’m here. I’m going to find Gracie. The camp’s owner, a famous Native seer, isn’t any help. Her herbal healing and Spirit Bear talisman won’t help find Gracie. There’s the local ranger and my campers, but will they believe me? I’m alone with this.

Somehow, every step toward Gracie takes me nearer to something scary. This is a mystery I must solve.


Echoes the DrumEchoes the Drum

Cori Greig jets to her Alaskan coastal home for summer break and lands smack between the ex-boyfriend and her incredibly handsome white water rafting guide.

Seth impresses her with his sensitivity and compassion for the beautiful and still unprotected white whales in the sound. And he knows all about the upcoming hunt. Cori, reaching out for one baby Beluga, can’t believe anyone would harm this gentle creature. Seth shares her compassion, yet his obsession is a little crazy, maybe even scary.

Cori struggles to believe the best in Seth for the sake of that one baby snow-white whale. Her first love, Dark, seems oh-so-sincere, but then again, he always did. His opinions and offers of help are suspect from the first. Just because he can lead a shamanic journey doesn’t make him loyal. Cori can’t quite believe in either of them.

The trickster, raven, may be her totem, but she feels like the only one who is ever fooled.



Jillian Trent falls for a cowboy – but not just any cowboy. He’s a champion of reining…from Texas, from money, and realistically, far out of reach. Or is he?

The moment he asks her out, Jill starts to puzzle over his ‘real’ motivation. After all, a trail ride through the Catskills, overshadowed by the legends of ‘the Headless Horseman’ might seem romantic to some…or it might highlight some of the dangers inherent to riding – and love. And she knows there is a danger.

Nothing is what Jill expected, though. She’s fallen for a man and at the same time, become enchanted with a golden Haflinger. All her ambitions, for love and for her riding career, are at her fingertips. Yet, both are threatened.

Unfortunately, no one else shares Jill’s perception. Perhaps, Jill’s involvement in mystery writing makes her susceptible to seeing clues where there are none. Will she put aside her self-doubt and trust? Or will that leave all of them in deadly danger?


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