Review of “The NearWheeler” from the Carriage Journal – October 2018

The NearWheeler: A Killer Carriage Collection by Nancy Lindley-Gauthier, Independently Published, 2018. (268 pages.)

Nancy Lindley-Gauthier combines her New England and equestrian backgrounds to create this carriage-based ‘tea cozy’ of a murder mystery.

The appearance of a pair of horses in your barn with bits of harness hanging off them is never a good sign but Alicia Goodwin, the primary character, was unprepared for what she saw when she finally found the driver. Was it a tragic accident or something more?

Ms. Lindley-Gauthier does an admirable job of gluing the pieces of the mystery together while criss-crossing time and driving genres. From coaching to the cones course of a CDE, carriages and carriage driving make a continual appearance. If only the killer would be so considerate as to not stash a body in a calache. ~ JKH